CEO Coaching: How to grow without limits!

Publisher: Independently published “3/27/2021”

Kazuyoshi Hisano, a leader in the world of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, created a new methodology to help CEOs and other leaders to reach new heights for their organizations and themselves.
Kazu currently coaches 25 CEOs. He recognizes that these leaders are already successful, but they also can expand their visions and their capabilities by being able to set new high goals for their future. His methodology shows them to set those goals and attain them. Different than most coaches, Kazu does not bring an “agenda,” knowledge acquired from past experiences. He simply knows how to ask very pertinent questions to have you reach deep inside yourself to find ways to reach out and establish a new future.

1. Believes in your unlimited potential, your ability to set and attain future goals.
2. Has worked with close to 400 CEOs, many leaders, to expand their organizations.
3. Has you stretch your imagination and set very high goals.
4. Help you build your confidence in yourself.
5. Has you use the power of your intuition to guide to your success. Hisano will introduce you to a whole new terminology and use other familiar words differently to get your mind to act to support your new endeavor to achieve and master your new goals.
Some terms are: Gold Vision is the title of Hisano’s first book, and the term was created to explain how to succeed in life. The core of Gold Vision is to shift your comfort zone, a place where you feel in control of your life, to a new ideal state, to a new comfort zone, that allows you to achieve your future goals. This shift takes place when you set high goals. Gold Vision means “Shiny vision like gold.” Gold Vision starts with the importance of setting a high goal.
Feed Forward is the title of Hisano’s second book. After you set a high goal, you bring attention to attaining your future goal by moving things forward. Feed Forward is the skill and way of perceiving things from the future and to shift the comfort zone to an ideal future. You stop living from your past and move what happens into the future to attain your goals.
Cause Theory is the important element that is essential to make the goals bigger and more inspiring. You set your high goal then introspect on your purpose to determine the “causes” that enable you to expand your goals and move you to attain them.
Cognitive Science – We use cognitive science to explain how our brain works to shift the comfort zone. According to cognitive science our brain feels real when it has a stronger sense of reality. Even if the thing you imagined is not real yet, “RAS – (Reticular Activating System) – is a built-in screening device in your nervous system and it blocks out or admits information, depending on whether that information is important to you. It’s a network of cells and its job is to determine which of the thousands of sensory messages bombarding you every second are going to get through to your awareness.” – Personal Coaching for Results by Lou Tice
Levels of abstraction – The degree of detail at which a system is viewed or programmed. The higher the level, the less detail. The lower the level, the more detail. The highest levels of abstraction is the entire system. As we go up the levels of abstraction, conceptualization increases, and detail recedes.
Execution – The ability to act and achieve. It consists of “ability to plan”, “ability to overcome difficulties,” and the “ability to continue with steadiness.
“This book takes you on a journey that can change your life and the life of others around you for the better. I hope you enjoy the journey.

CEO Coaching: Theory of thinking and behaviour which can increase annual sales by 100 times.

Publisher: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. ”2/26/2020″

Are you aware of the difference between a consultant and a coach?
A consultant is a person who solves a problem, so you have to talk to the consultant whenever a problem arises. On the other hand, a coach is the person who tells you how to solve a problem. If you learn the right coaching, you can solve a problem and have your own goals.
Leaders need specialized coaching (CEO coaching). As an organization, it is necessary to solve problems and achieve goals. For that, leaders must acquire management knowledge and experience.

“Feed Forward” A simple approach that helps you grow your team

Publisher:  FOREST Publishing,Co.,Ltd. “7/6/2018”

We have not touched on this topic until now, but successful people / organizations practice “Feed Forward” and “Feed Forward Action”.

By asking yourself, “What do you want to do from now on,” you will be able to become conscious of your future. That’s all.

This simple question worked. As a manager of a foreign company, I generated such results.
– The team became positive and energized.
– Teamwork improved.
– The work pace was accelerated.
– The team made big sales.
Moreover, these are the minimum results usually attained.

Now,I am working as a coach for business executives and am leading them to generate results as shown above. By thinking about and working toward the future, you can attain desired results and become happy. Anyone can easily master the method called “Feed Forward” introduced in this book.

“An organization that generates results”, its unique and simple dynamics.

Publisher: Kaitakusya Publishing Co., Ltd. “8/23/2017”

This coaching method focuses on the human’s mind (their brain and heart) and thoroughly pursues good usage of them. It has been 10 years since the method was introduced to Japan. Now, it has reached the stage of gaining a certain degree of recognition. On the other hand, the introduction of “Cognitive Corporate Coaching” for organizations is quite recent. However, I have heard that the participating employees and companies who learned and experienced it were very satisfied. The method is based on coaching based on cognitive science, which was improved upon by Mr. Lou Tice and Mr. Hideto Tomabechi. In order to apply its contents to organizations, I added some necessary arrangements and expressed it in the form of a novel in this book. The novel part and the theory part are written alternately, and between each part, the two authors who practice coaching every day include quick advice. A wide range of readers from beginners who do not know about coaching to experienced professional coaches can enjoy and learn from this book.

“Gold Vision” makes your vision come true.

Publisher: PHP Institute, Inc. “12/21/2016”

\When you master how to use your brain well and set “good goals”, you can make anything come true naturally without having to work too hard. Gold Vision is the best method in the world to achieve your goals, combining Mr. Lou Tice’s method introduced into NASA, Coca-Cola, 3M and Oracle with the knowledge of cognitive science.