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Gold Vision® Method + CEO Consulting & Goal Setting
• Enables executives and organizations to deliver top performance


Gold Vision = The Perfect Future You Create

I will show you how to set your goals (dreams) and how to realize them


CEO & Executive Coaching

We all deserve the chance to fulfill our dreams. Gold Vision can help you do that. It is a powerful method based on cognitive psychology and cognitive science which enables you to turn your dreams into reality.

Once you know your Gold Vision, life will become more fulfilling and you will become more successful. By understanding how your brain works and by focussing your way of thinking, you will make your Gold Vision a reality.

Our CEO Coaching services combine three elements
(1) 1 to 100 mindset (Ichihyaku) + (2) CEO Consulting + (3) Gold Vision

CEO Coaching is my powerful methodology developed for executives. This program will enable you and your company to achieve extraordinary performance levels.

* Gold Vision, CEO Coaching, Feed Forward® and Ichihyaku are registered trademarks of Conoway Co., Ltd.

CEO Coaching

This is a coaching method which develops and refines how you use your brain in the most effective way. Harnessing such brain power is essential for success for executives and their businesses. Learn how to use cognitive science, life coaching methods to train your brain, achieve your goals and deliver top performance for your organization.

Gold Vision Method

Gold Vision is your future that you create. By setting your own goals and then working with the belief that you have already achieved them, you will be able to achieve your goals. We provide corporate training and workshops to improve organizational performance.


Kazuyoshi Hisano

Kazuyoshi Hisano Professional Coach

I am the President and CEO of Conoway, Inc. Deputy Representative of Cognitive Coaching Association

I graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. I have an MBA from the University of Tsukuba. I am a professional coach. I am the former Executive Director of ProFuture Co., Ltd. and I led several start up companies in Japan. Throughout my career, my passion has been to help others improve and be the best that they can be. Whilst my services are primarily directed towards CEOs, leaders in businesses and company owners, any person can benefit from my life coaching approach, as long as they seek to improve their life so that they can achieve their own goals. Over the course of my career, I've held a number of management roles and have extensive experience in Japanese companies and multinational companies such as Tyco Electronics, Philips, and Bureau Veritas. For the past 30 years, I have coached thousands of people and have launched a comprehensive, successful program called "CEO Coaching" which is based on leading cognitive psychology and life coaching methods. I am currently coaching 25 CEOs on a one-to-one basis.