What is CEO Coaching?

CEO and executive coaching is a coaching method for business executives based on principles of cognitive science and cognitive psychology. It stems from a theory called “Gold Vision” developed by Kazuyoshi Hisano.

CEO Coaching = “Ichihyaku” x “Gold Vision Method” × “CEO Consulting”

CEO and executive coaching is based on scientific methods that combines “Ichihyaku”, “Gold Vision Method”, and “CEO Consulting” to aid the growth of top executives and organizations.


Ichihyaku or “1 to 100 mindset” is a special concept in CEO Coaching and a program made to cultivate “intuition”. At the same time, it means the state where this intuition has been acquired.
The President and employees will be able to activate their brains and demonstrate their abilities by aiming for “1 to 100”, not “1 to 10”.

At first glance, it may seem like a bold approach, but it can be applied to everyone and executed many times because it is based on cognitive science and cognitive psychology.

Gold Vision Method

Gold Vision Method is the method used to acquire the optimized use of the mind (brain and heart), based on principles of cognitive science and cognitive psychology.
In CEO Coaching, we work meticulously on the individuals along with the organization to utilize their brains.

Gold Vision Three Theories

  1. Goal Theory: Imagine a high and distant goal.
  2. Feed Forward Theory: Live using the future as a reference.
  3. Cause Theory: Know why you do it.

If you master these you will be able to do the following

  1. You will be able to set a “goal for your organization” far beyond your current situation.
  2. Based on this “goal for your organization”, you will be able to improve your ability to build strategies to pursue your goal.
  3. Business executives will always be able to demonstrate their best performance.
  4. Members of the organization will be able to improve their performances significantly.
  5. You will revitalize the organization, improve business performance and easily secure excellent human resources.
  6. You will be able to improve your ability to involve others and succeed with other people’s help.

CEO Consulting

Kazuyoshi Hisano, the President of Conway has supported various companies ranging in size from 1 to 130,000 employees. He has honed his management skills over the years through coaching clients on challenging management situations and running several successful businesses.
In addition, as he has an MBA  from the University of Tsukuba, one of the top courses in Japan, he has deep knowledge and experience in business administration and business management.
He understands how large companies work, has more than 10 years experience as a business owner and worked with many large clients with over 100,000 employees.

He is currently offering one on one coaching services for many business executives, utilizing his knowledge and experiences. He supports those in the top management positions to help them through challenges. Not only does he listen to the stories from the top management, but he also contributes to the improvement of the organization and management’s abilities by guiding them on how to make the most of their brains using the findings of cognitive science.

In addition, at the request of management, he also provides direct advice on individual projects such as specific marketing and sales measures, organizational personnel decision-making, and financing methods.

3 Benefits of CEO Coaching

  1. Revenue Growth
    Revenue does not grow just from “marketing” and “sales”.
    Before that, you need to “develop”, “design” and “manufacture” great products and services that customers value. You then need excellent “delivery” and” after care” service to generate revenue.
    CEO Coaching is the practice of improving the use of the brain and heart – it lifts up the standard of ideas and activities in every process and has definite effects on sales growth.
  2. Solve Challenging Issues
    An “organization” is a collection of “people”. Needless to say, if the “people” are motivated, the “organization” will grow. CEO Coaching has effects to improve “people’s” abilities and activities, as CEO Coaching is the method to brush up the use of brain and heart.
    It contains a variety of wisdoms for an organization and an individual to work together and attain results.
  3. Innovation
    In CEO Coaching, we think the core of inventiveness, or innovation, lies in the level of abstraction. By attaining a high abstract degree, anyone will be able to come up with creative concepts and innovative ideas. CEO Coaching aids the innovative thinking of employees and to the organization as a whole.

The difference between CEO coaching and management consulting services

The purpose of management consulting is to solve problems on behalf of the president. In some cases, after solving the problem, the consultant also implements the recommendations.

On the other hand, the essence of CEO Coaching is just that: coaching. Coaches help others succeed. We aim to improve the client’s ability to think and deal with problems. This is because we think it is best for companies to become self reliant.
We understand that sometimes speed is important for organizations. So, depending on the situation, we will prioritize problem solving and provide advice immediately. In that case, we will practice utilizing the mind afterwards, using these real problems as reference.