Industry: Hospitality

Before CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: A second generation business owner. The business is running well on solid foundations built by the founding President. However, it was unclear what goal they should aim for next. The CEO wanted to protect the current business, but also lead the organization in a new direction.

Company: So far, the business is running fine. However, there is no sign of any further improvement. The employees are also worried for the future, saying that the business might just stagnate.

During CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: It’s fun to know that you can think freely without being tied to the past. You will come up with things you have never thought of before and you will want to take on challenges.

Company: Once the President’s thoughts and the employees’ ideas and wishes had been considered, the business gears began to spin. The employees became more engaged.

After CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: The President acquired the leadership skills needed to guide the company. He could see the whole picture while grasping the situation at hand. By delegating authority, he has been able to commit more time to long term thinking and more abstract jobs.

Company: With the support of customers, business performance improved and is growing dramatically. The company itself became more attractive and its hiring ability has greatly improved. Banks rate the company highly credit worthy.

Industry: Logistics

Before CEO & Executive Coaching

The President was promoted to his position as head of the company The company has some 3,000 employees and is a listed subsidiary. Although proud of his past achievements, The President is unsure of his new role. Following what the previous President had done would deliver results for the company. However the President recognised that this wouldn’t be enough and had a strong desire to move the company in new directions.

Company: The business is performing well, but the number of accidents has slightly increased and working conditions have become casual. It’s important in this industry to practice safety and all employees need to remain vigilant. Managers needed to be trained immediately to prevent more safety incidents.

During CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: Through coaching, the CEO of the company realized that he tended to compete with his colleagues which led to his coworkers becoming nervous. The CEO gradually came to accept that he needed to trust his employees more in order to bring out their strengths.

Company: Employees started to believe that the CEO is now more frequently on-site with them than before. They felt they were aligned and working in the same direction and the managers started to lead the company with confidence.

After CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: Could now transfer the task of making decisions to the managers and had time to start to envision the bigger picture. The CEO and managers regained their confidence and resolved the safety issues which had been a concern. They felt able to simultaneously manage daily operations of the business and take the longer-term perspective.

Company: The delegation of authority from the CEO to the executives and from the executives to the department managers energized the whole company. Revenue started to grow despite a depressed market.

Industry: IT

Before CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: CEO is a founding owner. His corporation is growing rapidly, but the CEO can’t keep up with the high-speed growth and perpetually feels as if he is being chased by something. He had seen how several organizations had successfully listed in a short period and this made the CEO feel impatient with his company’s progress. The CEO struggled to find ways to manage the organization and hire new employees.

Company: The business is growing fast, but the internal organization is weak. The executives are young and unsteady in their decisions and so staff became worried. More and more employees began to leave the company.

During CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: He gained comfort and stopped the habit of constantly comparing himself to others. The CEO realized he was not paying attention to his employees who in turn became demotivated. He decided to change this by engaging with them differently, emphasizing their good aspects and those positive aspects of the organization.

Company: The change in the CEO was noticed by executives and employees. The atmosphere in the company became positive.

After CEO & Executive Coaching

CEO: The CEO learned the significance of being an ally to his employees. One-on-one meetings with his employees have begun. The bond between the CEO and employees has become stronger. The CEO has become effective in managing the company and astute in hiring good individuals. The reputations of the CEO and the business from outsiders such as customers, partners and banks have grown increasingly positive.

Company: Because executives and the CEO could view the company calmly and clearly, young people started to work more independently and its reputation with clients improved significantly. Employees who joined the organization recently have reinvigorated their longer tenure colleagues and the company’s atmosphere has changed to become more upbeat.