Thank you so much for visiting the website of Conoway. My name is Kazuyoshi Hisano, President of the company.

It has been more than 20 years since the concept of “coaching”, which has existed in the sports industry for a long time, was applied to businesses and individuals in Japan. Over the last 20 years, the evaluation of “coaching” has changed, experiencing its ups and downs.

In the early days, it was welcomed and hailed. At one point, its reputation had fallen, but recently it is becoming highly recommended once again.

The reason why its reputation fluctuated was because the method of “coaching” brought into Japan had been only a portion of the whole picture.
Despite using only a portion, the effect it had was outstanding; the Japanese people who had experienced “coaching” felt it was new and original, and praised it for some time.

However, this high reputation did not last long. Since it was only part of the whole picture, the effect it generated was limited and many eventually settled on the evaluation that it is “not useless but not as great as people say”.

One part of coaching is the skill of questioning and communication. In fact, communication skills including questioning is essential in “coaching”. Therefore, people could generate some results just by cultivating this area.

However, the original “coaching” is not limited to the skills of communication or questioning. It is an extremely versatile approach that “has the effect of fundamentally changing people’s lives”. If you use it in your work, you can produce an overwhelming performance. Moreover, life coaching can dramatically improve all aspects of your life such as relationships including your family, health and hobbies. You can also utilize the approach to improve yourself.

The methods learned and used to improve daily performances by Olympic gold medalists, world class professional athletes, heads of nations, CEOs of giant companies and elite special forces whose failures are not tolerated, is what is true “coaching”.
This was up until the end of the 20th century.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, “coaching” has evolved and continues to do so. In the last 10 years there has been the addition of new achievements in cognitive science and cognitive psychology and cognitive science.

CEO Coaching and Gold Vision offered by Conoway is the method that I, Kazuyoshi Hisano, developed based on the world’s most advanced coaching as mentioned here.

Specifically, with the brand “CEO Coaching”, I offer “coaching” for CEOs, Executives and business owners. Its contents are extremely effective for everyone, so please explore our website if you are interested.

I would be happy if you could learn some ideas to improve your work and life through “coaching”.