President and CEO of Conoway, Inc.
Professional Coach / Speaker
Lecturer of adult classes at Temple University, Japan (Cognitive phycology : Coaching)
Representative Director of Feed Forward Association, a general incorporated association
Deputy Representative of the Cognitive Coaching Association, a general incorporated association

After graduating college, I ran two companies simultaneously and worked in various management positions at several foreign-affiliated companies. These positions included the finance and marketing manager at Tyco Electronics (US); the head of each of the departments for business planning, reorganization and sales planning logistics and launching a new business at Phillips (Netherlands) and being a sales director at Bureau Veritas (France). After working as an executive director and COO of ProFuture (formerly HR Pro), I started my own business, Conoway Co., Ltd in December 2015. I am currently the President & CEO of Conoway, a which provides executive coaching and management support services for leading organizations.

I have mastered the cutting-edge “Cognitive Coaching®” which is based on cognitive science, cognitive psychology and life coaching methods. In addition, I promote my company’s methods and brands for executive coaching such as “CEO Coaching”, “Gold VisionMethod” and “Feed Forward”.

I am the founder of “Cognitive Corporate Coaching™” and I am committed to the development and popularization of my methods.

I provide executive coaching and life coaching services to a wide range of clients including CEOs, Presidents and executives of major, middle and small sized companies, top athletes, artists and office workers. I have helped thousands of people in both group and one-on-one coaching. I specialize in fostering and establishing a high performance culture within the organization and maximizing individual strengths.