CEO Coaching

  • We provide a “Coaching method” that is specialized in supporting the leader of organizations such as CEOs, executives and so on.
  • Publisher: Nihon Keizai Shimbun Shuppan ”2/26/2020″

Gold Vision Method

  • Gold Vision Method is a goal-achievement-method based on cognitive science. It is simplified so that anyone can generate results.
  • Publisher: PHP Laboratory “12/21/2016”
  • We will be periodically holding “Gold Vision Seminars” to accelerate the dissemination of the concept.

Feed Forward Association

  • Representative Director of Feed Forward Association, a general incorporated association
  • We developed the communication method “Feed Forward” . which we utilize to achieve thrilling success by looking forward to the future.
  • Publisher: Forest Shuppan “7/6/2018”

Cognitive Corporate Coaching

  • Deputy Representative of Cognitive Coaching Association, a general incorporated association
  • Founder of Cognitive Corporate Coaching
  • Publisher: Kaitakusya ”8/23/2017″

The Rotary Club of Tokyo Shibuya

  • Engaged in overseas activities as chair of the International Service Committee
  • Main activity: Promoting the teacher training program in Cambodia (2018)

Lecturer at Temple University, Japan

  • Lecturer of Cognitive Psychology
  • Served as a lecturer of an adult class at a university giving lectures in English, continuously since January 2016

Corporate Connections

  • The first chapter consultant in Japan (Since July 2018)
  • Launched and led both of CC1, the first chapter and CC2, the second chapter

Delegate Japan, The Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy

  • Involved as a development member of Junior Knight educational program