Whereas CEO & executive coaching is one-on-one, Gold Vision corporate coaching is provided in a group format of between 5 to 50 people for executives and employees.

Participants will learn the three theories of the Gold Vision Method, “Goal Theory”, “Feed Forward Theory” and “Cause Theory” and practice those in order to master and use the methods in real life.


The explanation of the theory is about 1 to 2 hours but it’s more than just a simple classroom lecture. It is experience based and uses a hands-on style where participants discuss, work and learn in various exercises.

You need to contextualize these methods to your own experiences and incorporate it within yourself, so it will take 1-2 days (8-16 hours) even if you work intensively.

Depending on the circumstances of your company, it can be divided into 2-3 hours over multiple days.
We can also provide online classes for companies that have remote working models.


This training aims to create a new comfort zone that is separate from your current everyday life.
A comfort zone is a place, space or condition that you are familiar with. If we can make the “desired state” into a comfort zone for ourselves, the “unconscious” will work to achieve the desired state.

Training for Organizations to Produce Results

When applying Gold Vision, a method of personal awareness, to your organization, there are some important points specific to your organization.
By paying attention to these points, your organization will be able to accelerate the speed of producing results as a team. Otherwise, your team will not be able to produce results well.

The reason why our training can produce results is because Kazuyoshi Hisano, the developer, has various experiences as a business owner/manager, has learned methods whilst studying for an MBA, and has coached the executives of major companies and founders/ owners of middle-to-small companies. In addition, through daily CEO coaching activities, we are constantly updating the content.

Program Content (Examples)

◎ Understanding of concepts and methods
◎ Commitment toward setting goals
◎ Working to enhance self-esteem
◎ Working to increase the power of attraction and getting involved
◎ Practice positive communication with Feed Forward
◎ Understanding your own roots through Cause Theory
◎ Knowing the leadership model of Gold Vision
◎ How to motivate your team
◎ How to overcome obstacles