Here are several cases of Gold Vision training.

Major IT company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2000 employees / 150 billion yen annual sales)

Participants: About 30 directors
Frequency: Once a year (every year)
Period: One and a half days, one night at the training center

Once a year, we carry out a program that reminds students of the basics of Gold Vision and adds advanced content. The new directors who have been promoted also share the ideas and have training to reconfirm their direction.

Testimonials of Participants

  • I was busy with work every day but now I can think from a bigger perspective and think about the goals of our company.
  • We maintain high sales and a high profit margin as well. We feel that by continuing this every year, we can gain great benefits through coaching.

Major Hospitality Company (unlisted, 400 employees / 20 billion yen annual sales)

Participants: about 40 leaders
Frequency: once a year (every year)
Period: 1 day at the meeting room in the company

Since it is a service industry, their main job is to interact with customers. When the leaders have a high expectation, their subordinates (the ones who actually provide services to customers) also have a high expectation. We tend to forget the purpose of our work on busy days, but we can synchronize our expectations if we reconfirm our own purpose. Also we can work with confidence and stability without faltering in the face of changes in the business environment.

Testimonials of Participants

  • The training made me realize that we have to work energetically in the customer service business.
  • It has become possible to contribute to improving the atmosphere inside the company and at the customer service site.

Medium sized company in construction industry (unlisted with 50 employees / 15 billion yen annual sales)

Participants: about 15 executives
Frequency: once a year (every year)
Period: 1 day at an external meeting room

By reminding people at the same time every year, we lift the expectations of the leaders. We also have programs that can help those who have been through the course before to hone their skills.

Testimonials of Participants

  • I became more aware and am able to make more correct decisions.
  • I have a wider perspective.
  • We intended to improve the abilities of our leaders and now feel the results are being realized.

In addition to the above examples, we have a good track record with many companies.

Major manufacturers, major security companies, major pharmaceutical companies, major shipping companies, major IT companies, foreign financial firms, famous foreign fashion brands, small and medium sized enterprises and many more.

When introducing our training for the first time, results are better if we spend at least one full day conducting training. If it’s a 2 day course, the second day can be the following day or one month apart.
After that, it is standard for companies to have one training day a year, but we can arrange the schedule according to each company’s request.