What is Gold Vision?

Gold Vision is the world’s best “goal realization method” that combines the method of the late Mr. Lou Tice, which was introduced to NASA, Coca-Cola, 3M, Oracle, etc., with the knowledge of cognitive science and cognitive psychology.

Gold Vision is a way of thinking and a method to maximize the potential that everyone has.

Understanding the Gold Vision makes your life more enjoyable. People naturally exert their power through their consciousness of goals. If you don’t have a sense of a goal, you will just mindlessly spend your time.

If you understand Gold Vision’s method and incorporate it into your life, you can enrich your work and private life.

Goaled Vision = Future You Create

I created the term “Gold Vision” with the idea that everyone has their own gold vision and a goal they can approach and eventually realize them.

“GOLD VISION” = A wonderful vision that shines like gold.
“GOALED VISION” = Vision as if it had already been realized.

When ‘ED’ is added is to the end of the word in English, it means “has been done”.

Even though the word “GOALED” does not exist, I express the meaning as “has been realized” by adding ED” to “goal”.

“Gold Vision” is the future that you create.
If you have your own “Gold Vision” with a sense of reality that feels as if it has been realized, we believe the vision will definitely be achieved. The “Gold Vision ® Method” tells you how to set “Gold Vision” and realize it.

Goaled Vision is backed up by cognitive science and cognitive psychology

There are countless ways and methods to achieve your goals, from ancient times and from East to West. Of course, they all have something in common, but the Goldvision® method has some decisive features when compared to these.

  1. It is a simple method
  2. It is backed up by cognitive science and cognitive psychology

If you learn how to use your brain well and set a “good goal”, you will be able to realize everything you wish without working hard.
It is very simple.

Ideas and methods remained the same until the growth of cognitive science between the late 20 Century and early 21 Century) Gold Vision is backed by cognitive science and cognitive psychology, the latest in scientific methods.
Cognitive science is a field in which many scientists work to unravel the mechanisms of the brain and mind and it continues to develop. Gold Vision will be updated constantly with the latest discoveries from cognitive science.
It is no exaggeration to say that we are at the forefront of ideas that include philosophy, religion, and self-development theory.

Gold Vision’s Three Major Theories

Professional coaches who have changed the lives of more than 1000 people including top executives, top athletes, top artists, doctors, lawyers and sales people will tell you how to achieve your goals.

  1. Goal Theory
    You learn 3 kinds of abilities to achieve distant goals.
    • Ability to see the future (ability to set your goal)
    • Ability to believe in yourself
    • Ability to get others involved and active
  2. Feed Forward Theory
    You will learn the way of thinking and the methodology for living, starting from the future.
  3. Cause Theory: knowing why you do it.
    You learn the way of thinking and method to know yourself and to be able to grow to the level of a genius.

By using Gold Vision, each employee of your company will be able to fulfil their envisioned future and your organization will grow dramatically.